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Discover Unmatched Vaping Pleasure with Chronic Cartridges

Chronic Carts are unrivaled and made from the purest solvent-free, THC distillate, and all-natural terpenes, offering a premium vaping experience. These cartridges are 1 gram, available in a wide range of flavors, and compatible with a standard 510-threaded battery. Our THC vape carts give a smooth hit that is strong enough to get you high. The lab test results for these THC cartridges indicate the absence of PG, PEG, VG, contaminants, and pesticides, affirming their safety for consumption.  We have been in the cannabis market for a while now, gaining a lot of attention, and outsold many other vape cartridges which makes it one of the best-selling THC cartridges.

Our goal is to reach out to as many people who seek genuine and quality THC vape carts. Also, we ensure your needs and demands are first met before anything else. We understand customer needs and desire, thanks to our years of experience in learning customer demand patterns. We have so far used that knowledge to ensure that you’ll have a great experience with us.

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Introducing an exclusive wholesale offer for Chronic Carts – the ultimate choice for premium vaping experiences. Our wholesale prices are unbeatable, allowing you to maximize profit margins while providing your customers with exceptional quality. Crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with natural flavors, we offer a wide range of flavors to suit every preference. With an easy-to-use design and compatibility with most vape pens, our vape Carts are a convenient choice for your customers. Act now to secure your wholesale order and elevate your business with the sought-after vape carts.

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Chronic Carts Flavors

With an extensive selection ranging from fruity to savory, our cartridges offer a vaping experience tailored to every palate. Chronic carts flavors include 24k, Apple Fritter, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Bacio Gelato, Balla Berries Marshmallows, Banana Sherbet, Black Mamba, Blue Cookies, Blue Dream, Blueberry Cruffin, Bumpy, Burberry Cheesecake, Burzt, Cereal Milk, Chocolope, Double Cup, Fruit Gushers, Gelatti, Girl Scout Cookies, Golden State Orange, Gooberz, Gorilla Glue, Gotti, GRuntz, Guava Cake, Gummy Bear, Headband, Incredible Hulk, Italian Ice, Jah Goo, Jungle Cake, King Louis XIII, Kush Cake, Kushmints, Kuzzo Fly Kush, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Lemon Meringue, Monster Cookies, Nerdz, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Peach Cobbler, Peanut Butter Breath, Pink Runtz, Rappers 1st Choice, Runtz, Runtz OG, Sherblato, Skywalker OG, Slurpee, Sour Diesel, Sour Patch, Strawberry Mochi, Sundae Driver, Sweet Tartz, The Mac, Tiramisu, White Cherry Gelato, White Rhino, White Runtz, and Zerbert.


Our mission is to inspire people to lead through cannabis. We are fueled by the dynamic challenges within the industry and the profound opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our consumers. We are also dedicated to empowering individuals, providing them with the resources necessary to enhance their well-being and elevate their performance. It is our commitment to not just participate in the vaping community but to actively contribute to its positive evolution, ensuring our consumers have access to innovative and safe vaping experiences. This dedication to excellence and consumer empowerment is at the heart of everything we do, driving us to continuously set new standards and lead with integrity.

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What our happy clients say

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Absolutely love the Chronic Carts Blue Dream flavor! It’s like a tropical vacation in every puff. The smoothness and potency are unmatched, making it my go-to choice for a relaxing evening.

Danielle F.

I’ve tried several Chronic Carts flavors, and each one has impressed me more than the last. The Blue Dream variety is a personal favorite, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness. Plus, the discreet packaging and fast shipping are always a bonus!

Tyler H.

Chronic Carts never disappoint! Their Gelato flavor is simply divine, with its creamy texture and subtle hints of citrus. It’s like indulging in a gourmet dessert with every inhale. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a premium vaping experience.

Rachel M.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchased from our official website (, we can guarantee that the Chronic Carts are safe to use. Be sure to check the authenticity before consuming. It has ZERO additives or filters and is free from the following;

  • No PG, PEG, VG
  • No Contaminants
  • No Pesticides Detected
  • Vitamin E

Follow this link for Chronic Carts Verification is the safest place to buy Chronic Carts online. Many fake dealers and copycats are trying to sell fake products.

  • Locating the verification code at the back of the Chronic Carts
  • Enter the unique verification code in the box above
  • Follow this link for Chronic Carts Verification
  • Enter the verification code on our website to verify your product

You are currently on Chronic Carts Official website (, where you can buy Chronic Carts online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

The price of Chronic Carts ranges between $8 to $40

Yes, You can buy Chronic Carts online from our online store. All you need to do is place your order and pay, and your package will be shipped to you.

1-gram Chronic Carts should keep going as long as 160 to 320 puffs. Based on these numbers, Chronic Carts can last for as little as a week or two with frequent use

No, Chronic Carts cannot be refilled. This is to maintain the quality of our products and also protect you from fakes

Chronic Carts only come as 1-gram cartridges.

Chronic Carts are compatible with any 510 threaded battery within a 3.2v-3.7v voltage range. A regular 510 threaded battery lasts 1.5-2 hours. Mega is 2-3 hours. Other than that, then something is wrong with your battery or charger.

Still Need Help?

If you have any more questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to contact us directly. And of course, if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable product, be sure to check out the Chronic Carts. Thanks for reading! Remember to always vape responsibly, happy vaping!